The Best Apps for Travel Planning and Navigation

The Best Apps for Travel Planning and Navigation

If you’re organizing a vacation or business trip, a travel planner is essential for organizing all your transport and accommodation information.

Thankfully, there are a few apps that can assist with all your travel requirements. We’ve curated the best ones for trip planning and navigation so that you make the most of your time abroad.


Tripscout is a travel app that helps users discover new places to visit. Users input their destination, budget and timeframe into the app, which then scans millions of articles, videos and tips from local experts to provide personalized recommendations.

TripScout also provides a city tour service with audio guides for seven cities and curated maps for 20 destinations. These guides are written by local experts and cover topics such as history, culture and food in each destination.

TripScout, based in Chicago, has recently raised a $2.3 million seed-plus round led by Corazon Capital. This funding will enable the startup to develop its personalization and recommendation engine, expand its marketing team, as well as launch desktop and Android versions of its app (currently only available for iOS).


Tripsy is a travel planner that assists in organizing your itinerary, sharing it with friends and family, receiving flight alerts, storing documents, creating wish lists of places to visit – plus it provides 10-day weather forecasts, updated flight information, offline access to everything and time zone changes! With Tripsy you won’t miss a thing during your journey!

Tripsy was designed with modern iOS technologies in mind, providing an impressive travel planning experience on iPhone. With support for Siri shortcuts, Apple Watch apps and a customizable dashboard, this one-handed iPhone use option makes Tripsy an excellent choice.

Tripsy recently updated with two major features: web-based itineraries and improved email handling and ingestion. This latter improvement stands out, as Tripsy can now ingest your trip-based emails and store them for later retrieval so that they remain accessible even when offline.


Hipherd is an engaging app that lets you save all your travel-related content in one convenient location. It also helps create boards for each destination and categorizes pertinent data with its clever filters. Plus, it boasts an award-winning photo editor!

Hipherd uses machine learning to quickly create an optimal itinerary for your next vacation. Their goal is to reduce stress associated with planning and scheduling travel, making it as effortless as possible – leaving more time to enjoy your destination instead of stressing about how to get there!


TripAdvisor app makes planning your next vacation much simpler with features that make it simpler to find available tours and the top restaurants. Plus, you can collaborate with friends and family to create a tailored itinerary for your holiday.

TripAdvisor is a community-driven travel review and forum platform, where users can write reviews for destinations and hotels, share their experiences and advice, and engage with one another via forums. Recently it has been reported that the site is facing an increase in fake reviews.


Road trips offer the chance for spontaneity and exploration of uncharted territories, providing us with opportunities to discover something unexpected.

Roadtrippers is a mobile app designed to assist in planning your next adventure. It provides turn-by-turn navigation and guides to attractions across America.

The app enables users to create and share itineraries with friends and family, including hotel reservations. Furthermore, there is a feature that enables users to add locations and store them for later use.

This app has assisted over 38 million travelers in making their travel plans in the US and Canada, becoming the #1 travel app in those countries.


Wanderlog is a free travel planning app that helps travelers organize their itinerary and collaborate with friends. It has an intuitive design, making it as user-friendly as Google Docs.

The app stores all your travel details in one convenient place, including flight confirmations and hotel reservations. You can also create lists to stay organized during your trip with things like ‘Things to do’ or restaurants you want to try during your stay.

The app also offers personalized suggestions based on user feedback and recommendations. Users can browse an example trip plan to get a visual of how it looks before creating their own customized plans.

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