New York Tech Students Should Follow COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

New York Tech Students Should Follow COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

For those traveling to an area where a disease outbreak is a concern, it is crucial to follow the appropriate travel guidelines. The United States Department of State and the CDC provide information on health travel guidelines. These guidelines can be helpful, but can be subject to change without notice. It is therefore essential to check official government websites regularly to be sure of current travel restrictions and guidelines.

New York Tech does not require students to travel overseas, but it does require them to buy New York Tech international health insurance and submit a waiver before leaving. Additionally, if they are going to a country on the CDC’s travel health alert list, they should stay off campus for at least two weeks or self-isolate.

Travel guidelines for COVID-19 in New Jersey have recently changed, with Governor Phil Murphy advising unvaccinated individuals to defer interstate travel until they have completed their vaccine series. This includes a single-dose vaccine as well as two-dose series vaccinations. CDC travel guidelines also recommend limiting public interactions after travel.

Travel guidelines for COVID are constantly evolving, as new strains appear. If you have not received a primary vaccination, wait until you receive a negative result from a test. If you develop symptoms of COVID-19, stay home until your symptoms clear up. However, if you’re already ill and you’re not sure if you have the disease, the best thing to do is isolate yourself and follow public health advice as soon as possible.

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