Exploring Remote Destinations

Exploring Remote Destinations

If you’re tired of fighting over towel space on crowded beaches or selfie sticks obstructing scenic mountain vistas, explore one of these far-flung destinations instead. Just remember to adhere to Leave No Trace principles and respect indigenous cultures whose land you are visiting.

Be prepared by conducting some preliminary research into local culture and customs before arriving. In addition, learn a few basic phrases to assist with any language barriers.


Journeying to Antarctica can be an unforgettable experience, filled with unspoiled wilderness and jaw-dropping views that are sure to leave an impactful impression.

Antarctica, one of the world’s most remote destinations, boasts incredible landscapes and wildlife. From Ross Ice Shelf’s frozen peaks to Desolation Island’s rocky shores – Antarctica provides something spectacular for every adventurer.

Expedition trips to Antarctica offer travelers the chance to discover its vast polar wilderness with the comforts of a modern ship and under the guidance of an experienced guide. You’ll enjoy daily Zodiac cruises and land excursions that allow you to see gorgeous icebergs, seals and penguins living their natural lives, stunning sweeping views that put this stunning environment in its proper context, beautiful sculptured icebergs sculpted from snowfall, breathtakingly sculpted icebergs crafted by nature, beautifully sculptured icebergs from above; magnificently sculpted icebergs that create breathtaking sculpted features from within this magnificent environment – making you feel like part of its beauty!

The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are an idyllic nature-and wildlife lover’s dream destination, as these UNESCO World Heritage Site islands serve as a refuge for endangered species while offering visitors ample hiking trails and beautiful beaches to discover.

Experience these islands best aboard a cruise, although island hopping tours and land-based trips may also be available. When selecting your tour operator, ensure they follow conservation regulations without harming the environment in any way.

Plan ahead as popular destinations can fill quickly. Consider booking a multi-day tour that allows you to see more wildlife on each island; Isabela offers flightless cormorants and penguins; Floreana boasts beautiful lava formations to walk upon as you discover their center for breeding giant tortoises.


Engage in off-the-grid adventures that allow you to connect with nature. Push your limits by traversing rugged terrains and climbing towering peaks; surrender yourself to serendipity’s will, and let each adventure create its own lasting memory of its own personal journey.

Greenland is an offbeat destination that provides authentic cultural experiences and unspoiled nature. Sailing amid icebergs, watching for Aurora Borealis or trekking majestic landscapes all guarantee an extraordinary Arctic adventure that you won’t soon forget!


Iceland lies at the edge of the North Atlantic Ocean, boasting vibrant contrasts. Glistening glaciers – including Europe’s largest – cover its mountain ranges; geysers spew out hot pools filled with boiling hot water that eventually forms waterfalls; while black-sand beaches encircle its coastline.

Visitors who explore Iceland beyond its Golden Circle tourist route will encounter its extraordinary natural wonders. Natural Habitat Adventures in the Northeastern Highlands provides a luxurious safari-style camp near Greenland ice sheet, where up to 12 guests can kayak around massive icebergs while meeting up with Inuit locals.

Other Icelandic activities to experience include blue ice caving, whale-watching tours and glacier hiking – and of course taking a dip in an outdoor geothermal pool – an ancient Viking experience! And when nightfall rolls around you can witness the Northern Lights–an amazing phenomenon visible between September and April!

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