Inside the Giant Flying Luxury Hotel That Never Lands

Inside the Giant Flying Luxury Hotel That Never Lands

A new concept is aiming to transform the way we travel. This nuclear-powered floating hotel called the Sky Cruise would be capable of carrying 5,000 passengers and will remain airborne throughout the entire flight. The floating luxury hotel would also feature an onboard shopping mall and gym. The concept was first conceived by a filmmaker and producer called Hashem AI-Ghaili, who is known for his science videos.

The floating hotel concept has already given the travel and hospitality industries plenty to talk about. Although some feel that this concept will never catch on, others dream of traveling on this futuristic flying hotel. Here’s what we know so far: the concept is a mash-up of a giant jumbo plane and a cruise ship. The floating hotel is huge, able to host over 5,000 guests, and looks like it could have an Etihad Residence suite.

The floating hotel would be powered by nuclear energy and be steered by artificial intelligence. It would also feature an observation tower shaped like a disc that guests would be able to view. The designers also claim that the hotel could remain airborne for years. Private jets would deliver passengers and cargo and land on the floating hotel, reducing the need for human crews.

While the concept of the flying hotel is intriguing, many critics are concerned that it may destroy the city it is floating over. It would be powered by nuclear energy and fly like a jet plane if the laws of physics were reversed. And if it crashed, it could wreck an entire city.

The creators of the futuristic Sky Cruise say the concept is the future of transport. This AI-piloted aircraft will be powered by 20 nuclear fusion engines and can accommodate up to 5,000 passengers without a single stopover. It is not clear when the concept will be ready, but its creator believes it will transform the way we travel. He even hinted that it would be driven by AI rather than pilots. While the release date of the flying luxury hotel is still unknown, it does look like the concept is on its way.

A CGI video showing how the Sky Cruise looks like has been released on YouTube. It shows a massive aircraft floating over clouds. It will be capable of staying suspended in the air for years without touching ground. It will be powered by nuclear energy and guided by artificial intelligence, and its viewing tower will be disc-shaped.

The Sky Cruise will have multiple decks, including an external glass elevator. It will also have three balconies for guests to enjoy the spectacular view of the northern lights. The hotel will have several restaurants, a sports center, and a movie theatre. The AI systems that control the flight will also be able to detect air turbulence and intervene to protect passengers. In addition to these unique features, the Sky Cruise is also expected to minimize its carbon footprint.

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