Culinary Experiences to Try in Different Countries

Culinary Experiences to Try in Different Countries

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Japan is one of the world’s greatest culinary destinations, boasting an array of delectable delicacies. Explore its secrets on a food tour in Osaka or Tokyo, or treat yourself to an indulgent kaiseki feast at one of Japan’s five-star hotels or ryokans.

For something unique, try Nikujaga meat and potato stew — a flavorsome, hearty Japanese comfort food. While you can find nikujaga in many restaurants, for an authentic experience it’s best to eat at someone’s home where the recipe has been passed down through generations.

Another UNESCO Intangible Cultural Property is sake, the national drink of Japan. A private tour with a sake expert is the ideal way to discover all the varieties this complex drink. You’ll get to witness the rice fermentation process and learn about traditional drinking customs such as younger guests serving elders first.


Cuba is home to some of the world’s most delectable foods. These fresh ingredients have made their way across the ocean and now form part of Caribbean culinary culture.

Rice, beans, vianda (tubers such as plantains, yuca and malaga) and marinated meats are staple foods in Cuba’s cuisine, often paired with fresh citrus fruits and strong yet non-spicy flavours. Unfortunately due to Cuba’s economy and strict embargo many of these items cannot be easily imported or require special arrangements for importation.

If you want to experience Cuban food, there are a few key places you must visit. Paladares, private restaurants where visitors can experience true Cuban dining, are an ideal destination.


Greek cuisine is renowned for its combination of fresh ingredients, vibrant flavors, and ancient practices. You can experience this delectable delicacy at restaurants throughout Greece as well as during a tour around the country.

Greece offers a diverse selection of foods to enjoy, such as baklava and dolmades. Dolmades are an iconic Greek dish made from vine leaves and filled with vegetables, meat or rice.

Koulouria, another delicious dessert made of doughnuts that have been fried and dusted with cinnamon and honey, can be found in all bakeries in Athens. Enjoy it with your beverage of choice!


No matter if you’re in the mood for a classic steakhouse or something less formal, Argentina has plenty of delicious food options to suit everyone’s palate. Try sipping on some yerba mate tea – an infusion type of tea native to South America – or enjoy an authentic asado (beef grill) experience.

As one might expect, Argentinian cuisine draws heavily upon European traditions. Its culinary heritage was formed through a mix of Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian immigrants from the 18th to 20th century.

Its history also explains why there is less local, indigenous influence on food here than other Latin American countries.

However, that doesn’t mean Argentinian cuisine lacks flavor. The country is one of the top culinary destinations in South America, boasting a diverse and delectable culinary scene along with an exciting craft beer scene to match its world-class wines.

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