Lost Sea Adventure

Lost Sea Adventure

The Lost Sea Adventure is an underground cavern attraction that was a dream come true in 1915. The cavern is the perfect setting to enjoy a cocktail or two. There are even dance floors in the upper rooms, despite the prohibition laws. Another highlight of the attraction is the cave flowers, officially known as anthodites. Visitors can also enjoy an ice cream parlor and picnic spots.

Lost Sea Adventure is located in Sweetwater, Tennessee. The attraction is located within Craighead Caverns, which is home to the largest underground lake in the country. After a boat ride on the lake, visitors can explore the caverns and learn about the history and geological formation of the caverns.

Once inside, the Lost Sea Adventure is a breathtaking experience. Visitors can take a glass bottom boat out into the lake, which is 800 feet long and two hundred twenty feet wide. Visitors can feed the massive carp, which live in the lake. The Lost Sea is also stocked with some of the largest Rainbow trout in North America.

The Lost Sea is open year-round, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The tour lasts about an hour and a half and includes two stops for information. The Lost Sea Adventure is a fun and educational experience that will stay with you for a long time. Ticket prices are $11/student and $20 for adults.

Lost Sea Adventure also offers Wild Cave Tours and a special educational rate for home school students. There are unique souvenirs to take home. Visitors can also eat at Cavern Kitchen Restaurant in Old Sweetwater Village. The restaurant serves sandwiches and real pit barbeque. There are picnic sites nearby as well.

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